I think most of us can remember a special gift under the tree on Christmas morning with a tag that said “from Santa.” And most of us can remember meeting Santa as a young child, whether at the local mall or at an event where Santa, we later discovered, was a relative dressed in a rental Santa suit. But it's that fond memory, that thrill, the excitement and happiness of meeting Santa Claus, that I want to provide to children, and adults, this season.

Thirty years of my adult career were spent working with children in the juvenile justice system. For most of these children, and their families, it was the most difficult time of their young life. I could talk with them, listen to them, and make them feel safe, but given their circumstances, could not do much to make them happy.

It is my goal to be the very best Santa Claus I can. My suits and casual attire have been designed and tailored to be as authentic as possible. The books I have read, the latest training I received at “Discover Santa 2016” in Branson, Missouri, and talking with countless Santa's from all over the country, have made me ready for this endeavor. 

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