Home Visits:

Have Santa Claus in your home and take as many pictures as you want. You know the children are already excited about Christmas and can hardly wait for the big day. Imagine now that you are that child and the door bell rings. Your parents tell you to go see who is at the door. The door opens and there he stands, the legendary Santa Claus, in full suit, and he knows your name and asks “May I come in?”.

This exciting personal visit with Santa can be arranged in your home. It can be just for your own children and family, or invite some neighborhood friends and their children, it’s up to you.

Santa will spend time with each child and, of course, ask if they have been good and what they would like for Christmas. Individual photos, family photos and group photos may all be had, right there in the comfort of your own home.

Fee: $75.00 for ½ hour – $125.00 per hour

Special Events:

Special events occur all year, and Santa Tom is usually available. Birthdays, anniversaries, welcome home, and Christmas parties are special events Santa would love to make more memorable. Perhaps you are moving into a new home and your children are worried that Santa won’t be able to find them at Christmas. Santa would love to come to your open house or house warming and assure the children that Santa knows where they are. Santa can also deliver that really special gift for you while you sit back and enjoy all the excitement. If you are having a Christmas light display in your yard, Santa would love to throw the switch, then meet with the children.

There are many more special events that Santa would love to help you with – just give him a call.

Fee: $75.00 for ½ hour – $125.00 per hour

Promotional Events:

Civic organizations and clubs of all sorts love to hold community events and fund-raising events. What better way to bring families and your community together than with Santa Claus? Should your club have awards or trophies, Santa would be glad to hand them out. Another popular event is Breakfast with Santa. As you can probably tell, Santa does not miss many meals, and breakfast is one of his favorites. After breakfast, Santa will spend time with each child and, of course, ask if they have been good and what they would like for Christmas. If your club provides handouts, Santa would be glad to give one to each child.

Most people love a “Christmas in July” sale, including Santa. Perhaps you are opening a new business, expanding a current business, or have remodeled – Santa would love to help you celebrate and welcome your guests.

Call Santa and see if he can help with your promotional needs.

Fee: $75.00 for ½ hour – $125.00 per hour

Commercial & Government Events:

Company Christmas parties are one way to thank the employees, and their families, for making your company great. Having Santa at your company Christmas party is a nice way to say “Thank You.” Santa would be available for visits and photos with your employees and their families, or just to mingle. Should there be bonus checks, awards, or certificates of any kind, Santa would love to hand them out.

Photographers offering family photos with Santa need a real bearded Santa in an authentic suit. Check out the Gallery page and see what Santa Tom’s closet looks like.

Towns and municipalities who have parades, tree lightings, or other holiday celebrations need a Santa. After the parade or tree lighting, Santa could be available to visit with the children. Santa Tom would love to be your Santa this year.

Realtors may want to assure the children that Santa knows their new address by having him stop by and talking with them. We need to keep Santa and the elves updated on the whereabouts of “all” the children.

Hotels are not usually a place children expect to see Santa. Can you imagine their surprise when Santa comes to their room to tuck them into bed. Your guests will recall being away from home on Christmas and remember what a special experience they had in your hotel.

Fee: $75.00 for ½ hour – $125.00 per hour